What is Online Therapy?

The definition of an online therapy is multiple, so the interpretation is very broad according to several concepts. 
Here is a brief introduction to the analysis of the real options we have today online.


1. Online Psychologist / Online Psychotherapist

The strict interpretation can be defined as “an online therapy is online psychological support exclusively by psychologists or psychotherapists, all graduates.We can connect to the internet each home and communicate by email, chat, phone or by webcam / videoconference like Skype Consultations help you to feel comfortable in your own skin Here you have the possibility for questions of couple and family, to understand what blocks your communication with others and to clarify a situation and make decisions.

2. Forum dedicated to psychology

An online therapy, it also means, in everyday language, a forum dedicated to psychology, it means a public forum of which you become a free member. Your willingness to share your experience is critical to the success of this project. It’s a big step to open your heart and not always easy even while preserving anonymity. On a forum you can listen and be listened to.You can give and receive some useful tips or just chat a little bit. Forum dedicated to psychology.

3. Computer therapy

The third type of online therapy is computer-assisted therapy. It is often exclusively cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for depression and anxiety. Here you are free to accept or reject the alternatives offered by an (almost) intelligent program. Here we take risks, even do ridiculous things. It’s a simulation of a man’s life and perhaps this appointment with a limitless self can then become a beginning of a new real life, who knows?

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