Can One Heal Remotely?

Would online therapy be as effective as an office? 

My answer, and it’s personal to me, is: It all depends on what you expect from your  therapy.
You wait for advice, need to be reassured, to be in touch with someone without his eyes bother you. So, yes, online therapy is a good start. You want to follow a long therapy, an analysis.One of our psychiatrists, maybe, be available for a Rv in office or to advise you a colleague.

Among the critics we read:

– Teleconsultations do not make it possible to grasp everything that happens during a face-to-face: tears, gestures, slips, looks, etc.

– It is difficult to give advice to someone you do not see. We can not do without the relationship to the other: in general, we are sick of a relationship, and it is another relationship that can heal.

– I am shy and have difficulties to express myself. I can then explain my problem in writing Here the criticism is directed to the telephone therapy or by mail, yes but …… 
I have a problem, suffer, and:

– I’m “ashamed” of my problems. I can, so stay, at first, in anonymity

– I’m afraid of direct confrontation with a psychiatrist – or I’m afraid of psys! I can more easily access a first consultation

It seems to me that it is better a little “little” than a big “nothing”, what do you think?

With online therapy, you have the choice, to have a therapist live, via video conference, so the possibility of being in visual interaction as in a cabinet, you also have the opportunity to choose to discuss by email, or by phone. The link itself is therapeutic. He is different from the one established in cabinet, but he is.

The essential thing is to be able to accompany you towards a better being. To leave a person in pain, under the pretext that the conditions of the “cabinet” initially advocated by Freud are not fulfilled, does not have any sense for me.

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